Happy Client's


Don't Take Our Words! Hear What They Say About Us.

"We recently implemented the full Mapeed version, and our sales team has never been more excited. Thanks for your innovative product. Mapeed also includes an integrated report manager that helps Managers analyze the on-going success of the program.

I LOVE this program"
Lura Witting
"Second-generation digital orthophoto imagery is becoming popular throughout the GIS industry as cost-effective, timely and able to retain accuracy."
Ollie Gusikowski
"Mapeed keeps adding up the latest technologies, but maintain the service and the price we deserve."
Jeffrey Jacobi
"Mapeed’s seamless management tools keep me more organized than ever. And when planning, selling and implementing large-scale marketing needs, map data plotting is key. Mapeed Geographical Information System are designed to simplify the mapping of data plotting. It is intended that businesses would use it to plot their own data onto their own maps to analyse their business trends!"
Adolph Hackett
"Becoming one of the leaders of today's mapping industry wasn't easy. Pinnacle has made strides to become your source for mapping needs."
Jack Stokes
"The team at Mapeed are focused on providing superior digital mapping products and services that serve as the foundation for geographic information systems."
Dolores Lind