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Program Features

Why Choose Mapeed

Grid Systems

Uses the popular and well established easting and northing system. The program will cater for many of the widely used and accepted grid systems in use today.

Line designer

Design custom lines for drawing onto the map e.g. dash dot styles - Limited to Operating system


Any object can be grouped with other objects and also existing groups into a new grouping and the new group given a name.

Mail Shots

Draw and select some desired enclosed shapes onto your map covering areas of interest. Then using a suitable database you can output a text file suitable for use with a mail merge program.

Map Copyright

After inserting a map, users are invited to complete the map copyright information and any licence details as per the map copyright owners wishes.

Drawing Tools

For drawing objects such as lines polygons, ellipses, text, pictures etc onto your chosen map.


Lock down any object to prevent moving changes etc. Layers can also be locked therefore preventing any changes to any objects on that layer.

Output Object Tips

Select all objects such as pins which might for instance contain addresses in their tips. Then use a command to output the tips to a text file. Useful for contacting existing clients plotted on a map etc.


These are like clear sheets added over your map onto which data can be plotted and objects are drawn. Each layer can be renamed, locked, hidden, shown.


Format all objects to your required taste including lines, fills, shadows, drawing modes etc.

Plotting Styles

You can plot your data as pins, coloured area plotting, region plotting, and as lines if needed. Plot your data onto a new layer and group it as required.

Object Tips

All objects are given a screen tip which pops up when the mouse cursor hovers over an object. These tips can be the fields from plotted data, or names that you can edit manually as desired.

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