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How to make your own Clone A Willy dildo!

 A complete guide

Since you’re already on this page, my bets are you’ve already scrapped through the internet and found yourself this rather unique Clone A Willy kit but honestly have no idea on how to use it. Truth be told, yes, it’s a tad bit difficult but doesn’t lose hope.

For the uninitiated, Clone A Willy found here is a penis casting or a penis molding dildo kit. Basically, a DIY dildo kit that promises to make dildos looking like your lovely wily. The penis casting kit uses 100% body-safe materials to guarantee incredibly life-like detail. As a matter of fact, you’d be surprised to see even the veins and the texture of your skin popping up on the dildo exactly the way you or your partner has. Each of these willy casting kits comes with everything you need to create an amazingly detailed, vibrating replica of the penis or whatever your naughty brains can imagine!

To date, I’ve made over 12 dildos using this kit so I consider myself quite an expert when it comes to this make a willy kit. Many people have personally complained to me that their dildos often come out to be rather dodgy using this kit. The dildos are either never set properly or just disassemble into silicon blobs even before the mold is set. But don’t worry, I got your back. In this article, I’ll take you through the whole process of molding your dick and getting you the most perfect replica of your willy that you could have ever imagined.

The materials

Before we begin with anything, we must ensure we have all the products that we ever need. The whole package comes in a slender long container with several items. If you open the package, you’ll get:

  • A pouch of molding powder
  • A cheap vibrator
  • A thermometer (!)
  • A balsa wood stick for stirring
  • Two jars of silicone gel

Be careful to not damage or throw away the plastic container in which they all came in as that is the main container where you’ll keep your or your partner’s beloved willy and make the dildo! You just need to trim it a bit as I’m pretty sure you aren’t 15cm or are you? *wink wink*

Now, with those products neatly assembled on the table, you need to gather some basic tools and equipment to go about the whole process.

Keeping a checklist in hand, you should get the following:

  • Measuring cup
  • Large mixing bowl
  • An accurate timer
  • Scissors
  • A disposable container to mix silicone in
  • Four-inch square cardboard to suspend the vibrator as the dildo hardens
  • A strong nylon thread

The procedure!

As daunting as the whole deal might sound, it certainly isn’t so. It could be a rather enjoyable couple activity if you look at it in that way.

First of all, go through your instruction manual properly. Yes, read it twice even after you have read this so that you don’t miss any point.

Now, let’s begin!

  1. Cut the molding tube to the right length

    Place the tube right next to your hard erect penis with the closed end against your abdomen.
    Take a sharpie and mark half an inch further up from the penis head. This half an inch is just a safety addition so that you don’t end up cutting a length shorter than your penis. Remember, a longer dildo is always better than a shorter one haha!

    Now, cut the tube with a pair of scissors. The cut end of the tube will fit against your body. So, tape around the edge of the tube to ensure it is smooth-edged and safe. Unless you want paper cuts on your body, you should put on some thick tape.

  2. Get 415mL of water and heat it to EXACTLY 90°F

    Read that twice. This is probably the most important step. The water needs to be exactly 90° and measure a volume of 415mL. Only then will it mix well with the other components and ensure a perfect set of mold.
    You can use the thermometer present in the Clone a Willy kit to check the temperature of the water at regular intervals.

  3. Get your timer set at 60 seconds and mix the water with the molding powder.

    60 seconds is all you got. As you find the water heating up to 90° (repeating!), cut open the bag of molding powder then start your timer for exactly 1 minute. And then pour the molding powder into the water and start mixing with the help of a spatula.

    Mix for 60 seconds and pour it into the cylindrical container which you trimmed initially. Don’t worry the mixture would still be a bit lumpy.

  4. Set your timer to 120 seconds and dive your dick into the clumpy-gooey mixture

    Keeping your penis firm is the real challenge. It’s best to have your partner around to help you in the process. You or your partner can very well start stimulating the pens so that it becomes hard and erect well before this step so that no time is wasted.

    Carefully, put your penis inside the cylinder and ensure it stays hard for those 2 full minutes. You may use stimulations of any form to remain hard. If you ask me, I was making out with my man and smothering him with my tities to keep the boner on. Yep, I’m pretty serious with my dildos *evil laughter hahaha*.

    Jokes aside, this is indeed a crucial step because if your dick becomes soft or loses rigidity midway, the mold might collapse and give you a rather smaller and less impressive version of that handsome penis. You can even use a cock ring if that’s your thing!

  5. After the timer hits a full 2 min, take your dick out SLOWLY and STEADILY

    The last two words are the secret. This is where 80% of the users mess it up. After these 2 minutes, touch the mold and check if it is solidified. If it feels solid, take your penis out of the penis mold as slowly and steadily as you can if you want the exact texture and details of your penis (veins, etc).

    After taking your willy out of the penis mold, let it air dry for 4 hours before moving to the next step. In case you’re confused, I am talking about the mold, not your penis.

    As far as your penis is concerned, immediately go to the washroom and wash it well with soap. Even though every product here is bio-safe, it’s always better to maintain a certain level of hygiene.
    The instruction manual generally asks you to wait for 2-4 hours. But take my advice and leave it overnight. Let the mold sit for about 8-10 hours for the best results.

  6. Mix the two jars of silicone and pour in

    Once your mold is hard and set, grab the two jars of silicone you got with the kit and pour them into a disposable container. You can use a non-disposable one but be sure to wash it well immediately after use.

    You may use the wooden stick to take out all of the liquid possible. Now mix the silicone liquid thoroughly for another 2 minutes with the stir stick. Keep these timings under strict consideration to get the best results.
    Finally, pour the liquid into the dick mold until it’s just one inch left from the top. Don’t worry, this Lil gap of an inch is left for the vibrator. When you put the kit’s vibrator into the liquid, it will level up to the surface otherwise it just overflows in a mess. Now if you don’t want a vibrator, then just fill it up as usual.

  7. Insert your vibrator into a cardboard holder
    Take square cardboard and cut a tiny X in the center. Push the vibrator through that X in the cardboard square. This is done so that the vibrator doesn’t sink inside the mixture and is kept hanging by the cardboard.

  8. Place the vibrator exactly in the center

    Using the cardboard support, place the vibrator right in the middle of the liquid mold. Take care so as not to tilt the whole thing as that will displace your vibrator.

  9. Leave the setup undisturbed for at least 30 hours

    Keep the whole thing in a safe undisturbed location and get back after 30 hours. Once again, the instruction manual says only 24 hours but trust me, 30 is the minimum. I have tried and tested it.

Once the thing has hardened. Take it out of the mold, wash it with soap and water and you’re good to explore!

Now, if you’ve followed each step to the last detail. I’m pretty sure you’ve gotten yourself a lovely replica of the penis you always wanted. Things might go wrong on the first attempt so always keep a second pack ready, just for the sake of it (there’s nothing called too many dildos anyway!).