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Here at Mapped, mapping is our expertise! And we can do it faster and for less since we use our Hybrid On/Off shore development team.

Our expertise focus on Location Based Technology. You have an idea, a concept, and you need the expertise and human capital to realize your vision. Our seasoned engineers can quickly turn your idea from concept to reality.

Every step we take with you is knowing we have your back in designing and building your App…has the right business model in place too.

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Our Mapeed map plotting software solution enabling businesses to plot data onto maps and see trends and patterns in recorded data.

This is a powerful piece of software used for plotting geographical data onto suitable maps. It is ideal for marketing, sales targeting, police crime pattern analysis, policing, watch schemes, data analysis, emergency planning, traffic management, CCTV camera sites, location tracking, tracking wildlife and much more.

For example you may wish to plan your company marketing strategy based on where your existing customers are. You could plot your existing customers onto a map and see where you are weaker or stronger and then plan your marketing strategy accordingly and improve sales. Crime could be plotted onto maps enabling a planned response to criminal activity by police. CCTV sites and watch schemes displayed on maps, and may more uses.

As long as you have some form of data such as addresses or any other geographical locations you can plot these onto a map. The program can plot the data from suitable grid reference data fields or postcodes* as pins plots or area/region plotting as well as line point plotting. It can even assist further by producing mailing lists for identified areas on your map helping you to target addresses in those areas for marketing, leafleting, advice etc


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Our senior management have 38 years of collective experience. We have experience in all aspects of photogrammetric mapping for a wide range of GIS applications. 

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